Imagine how easily your life will flow once you are fully connected to your intuition. Imagine how much more effective you can be in all areas of life when people are magnetized to your energy. You can be in an optimal state of flow all day every day. Life can happen for you instead of to you. Are you ready to find your power?

Have you been searching for someone to support you as you work through your Physical, Emotional, and Energetic concerns in conjunction with any coaching, training, therapy or medical treatment you are receiving to achieve greater and more lasting results?

Keren is an internationally published author, who's books have sold on 4 continents. As a powerful Intuitive she has been working with various modalities for close to 15 years. She has helped clients around the world to release challenging thought and energy patterns, overcome their physical concerns, and arrange their lives for optimal flow.  Her specialty is coaching people through their personal energy journey to emerge on the other side of the "Dark night of the soul" fully functional and able to use their gifts.

Keren channels pure energy, and has been certified in Reiki, Theta, Trinity, EFT, Energy In Motion, Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Crisis Intervention, and Various other Energy Work Modalities. Her credentials include AMT EFT Master Trainer, AMT Energy In Motion Master Trainer, Dr. of Metaphysics, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Trinity Practitioner, Intuitive and Empath. She was trained in Crisis Intervention through the City of Los Angeles, and Certified in Feng Shui for Real Estate.

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Energy Work is not Allopathic Western Medicine. Nothing on this site or during an appointment should be viewed as medical or psychological advice

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