EFT Master Practitioner

By taking this class you will learn to naturally, effortlessly, and intuitively remove blockages and injuries from the energy system, and improve the flow of energy to not only the client's body, but your own. Regardless of how the presenting problems might have been labeled in the past.

This 2 day advanced course is based on research with meridians and Energy Work, and represents a paradigm shift in how EFT is taught and used. It is suitable for any existing practitioners who wish to update their skills and learn this new and exciting way to use EFT.

The course will propel you, in 2 days, from the novice practitioner to advanced levels in an easy and understandable way so that each module builds on the skills learned in the previous ones. Competency is measured by continuous assessment during the workshops, but you may be asked to complete additional work if you do not reach the required standard during the workshop.

Your course fee includes a very comprehensive manual which will act as a reference in the future, and three months email/telephone support (value of over $5000).

Course syllabus


Day 1- Basic / Intermediate

1.    Discovering EFT

2.    Reversing Energy Body Stress

3.    The EFT Story

4.    The Professional EFT Practitioner

1.    Extremely Focused Treatments

2.    Working with Aspects

Day 2 Advanced

​1.    Energy and Emotions

2.    Mind Changes

3.    Energetic Relationships

4.    The EFT Master


Before you register for this course, make sure you are ready to propel your skills to the next level.

You will naturally learn the paradigm shifts necessary to understanding that EFT is not psychology, no more than it is physiology; EFT is a 3rd Field modality in the mind, body, spirit triad and currently the primary method for working directly with the human energy system. You will easily understand that EFT doesn't work with problems, words, symptoms, memories, illnesses etc. but instead with improving the flow of energy through the energy body, much more logical, clearly focused, specific and precise methods of applying EFT have come to light.

 This modality will effortlessly bring about many benefits for practitioners in EFT as well as for self-help treatments, and these include:

You will become aware of a tremendous reduction in client AND practitioner stress across the board, leading to: More elegant, gentle and powerful EFT treatments; Faster results by targeting EFT interventions more precisely; Better and deeper rapport between EFT practitioner and client (the EFTeam); Better experiences for both EFT practitioner and client across the board;  Alleviation of problems including set up confusion and the Apex effect; A whole array of brand new techniques, methods and approaches to applying EFT.


The truly practiced EFT practitioner can expect to encounter literally any type of problem a human being can have in their practice. Naturally, it is impossible to create "EFT scripts" for every conceivable potential problem, as would be the case in the over 200 separately named phobias as exists in psychology today.  Likewise, it is impossible to teach students using scripts to become confident and effective practitioners given the infinite potential problems a future client might bring to them. 

There will always be certain global principles that apply to all energy work, regardless of how the presenting problem in the energy body has come into existence, which if understood, unlock the power of EFT to help people with their problems in a whole new way. This highly structural, essential content free approach will give the successful students exactly the tools they need to be able to confidently conduct excellent (masterful) EFT treatments regardless of the presenting problems. By applying this highly structural and specific approach to ALL the examples and practice treatments throughout the course, the student learns the structure - and their clients will fill in the content.





Pre-registration is required.

​$500 non-refundable deposit secures your place up to 1 week prior to training. The full course fees are due 48 hours before the workshop.

Training times: 10:00 am-5.00 pm per day for 2 consecutive days

Course Fee: $2000.00

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