Energy Movement Master Practitioner

A Professional Energy Course for Healing the Past, Empowering the Present, Creating Your Future and Living with Energy Flow and Awareness Every Day.


EMO Energy in Motion is the simplest most natural effective modality for healing and transforming our emotions. When life is a problem we simply ask “Where do I feel this in my body?” Understanding that this was just blocked energy we direct our attention to the problem and use our intention to soften and flow the energy blockages and transform our negative emotions to positive emotions.

The EMO Master Practitioner course has been specifically designed to both simplify and intensify previous teachings. It allows for a more natural and organic teaching process, and delivers powerful, exceptional results.


This training is for anyone who loves energy, who wishes to heal their emotions, help others heal, and who wants to learn about energy and how to live with energy to lead a fulfilled and creative life in deep connection with the world and with themselves and experience fast spiritual growth. Though deceptively simple EMO is recognized as being one of the most advanced concepts and powerful energy tools for spiritual living.


It’s always a very special event for me to teach EMO Energy In Motion, the course leads us all gently beautifully and logically through the basics of energy through to emotions and energy flow using intention, through healing the events in our lives, our souls evolution and on the joy of creativity, reading and writing energy, living with energy on a day to day basis, and for deeper connection and love with our world and ourselves. For healing, or for spiritual living, it’s a gift.


Course Details:

This is a live training so there are no distance learning options available, either by Skype or email


Course Outline:

Day 1

1) Meet The Energist The Sixth Sense The Emotion Spectrum The Energy Body Health Chart


2) Healing Energies The Harmony Program Trusting The Sixth Sense * Color Energy Exercise * Crystal Energy Exercise Unconditional Energy Healing * Exercise: Color Energy - Feeling The Love The Shield Protocol The Pursuit Of Happiness * Exercise: Fair Trails


3) The Events Matrix Events & The Energy Body More Than Trauma Complete Events

4) How To Love Yourself & Others Events & Aspects The Aspects Model Energetic Relationships

5) Energy Objects & Artifacts Living In The Energy World Artifacts & Energy Objects


Day 2

6) Energy And The Body Re-Unification Energy & The Body Energy Dancing * Exercise: Energy Dancing The X Factor Body “Image” Beauty * Exercise: Beauty On The Hand Flowing Words * Exercise: Beauty  Celebrate

7) Art Solutions Art & Energy Art & Intention Symbols & Movement * Symbols Exercise The Click * Exercise: Color Energy Click * Exercise: Family System Click * Exercise: Wild Cards Practicing Your Sixth Sense Reading & Writing Energy

8) The HEROS Meet The HEROS! Heart Healing * Exercise: Heart Of Gold Thought Flow * Exercise: Thought Flow For Goals The Gift * Exercise: The Gift For New Frontiers Positive Energy Evocations Magic Words For Prayer, Healing & Transformation * Exercise: Magic Words The Blessing

9) Love And Light Elegant, Easy ... and FUN! Love is LIGHT Everything Works Better With EMO ... * Exercise: Whatever, Re-Visited ... * Exercise: Whatever, Re-Engineered ... Super Goals * Exercise: Super Goals Group Energy Power * Exercise: Evolving Power Fields The Sikoria Method Master Practitioner


Training Fees


New practitioners $2000.00

Deposit of $500 required to register for course. Deposit is non-refundable.

Fees include: 2 days training, printed handouts in English, and 12 months email and phone support.

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