What exactly is Energy Work?

Energy healing works with the Electromagnetic fields that surround, and go through, your body. This is where we store traumatic events, blocked emotions, injuries and more. I am able to work with those fields to cause physical, emotional and mental healing. By aligning my personal energy frequency with earth's harmonic resonance or Schumann Resonance, I can affect your energy field in a very safe and powerful way. Together we work to release stuck energy from your field, causing healing and transformation


 What is EFT?

EFT, or Tapping as it is commonly known, is a way to facilitate stuck energy flow by using your meridians. The meridians are the connecting network of channels which runs through your body, that energy uses to move. They have been heavily documented in Eastern medicine. 


 Why do you combine Energy Work with Active Participation?

I have found that combining various modalities such as EFT and Energy in Motion along with Energy Work allows for deeper levels of release and healing. When you are an active participant you become part of the process and allow the challenges to evolve fastger. You can tell me when something changes or evolves, then together we move into the new layer. This is far more effective than my working on you alone.


Do I have to be an active participant?

No. It really depends on what we are trying to achieve. Some things such as working on physical injuries or disease, even stress management do not require active participation. In those cases you can just relax into the session and receive the energy. In general, you do not need to actively participate in the clearing process. The energy will go where it is needed at the time of appointment.


 Does Energy Healing Hurt?

No. Energy work is gentle and non-invasive.


 Can Energy Healing be harmful if I have existing medical conditions?

No. It can be a wonderful addition to any medical treatment. For specific concerns, please email or call me.


 Is Energy Work like Medicine?

No. While Energy Work does help with many physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges it is not Western "Alopathic" Medicine. I do not prescribe medication and am not a doctor. I will never give you medical advice, nor should anything we discuss be taken as medical advice.


 Will I need to remove clothing?

No. Your sessions will be done fully clothed either lying down on a table, or seated in a comfortable chair. You will not remove any clothing for treatment, but tight fitting or restrictive clothing may cause discomfort. Excess jewelry and watches, cell phones and any metal articles interfere with the flow of energy, it is best if those are removed.


 Are remote sessions effective?

Yes. Remote sessions are just as effective as in person sessions. Energy is not restrained by space and time so can heal remotely. I am able to connect with your energy and feel what is going on from anywhere in the world.


 What can I expect after my session?

It is important to stay hydrated during the days following your treatment. You may experience detox symptoms such as emotional and physical highs and lows. This will be similar to the after care for a massage. People report many different experiences during and after their treatment, so just have awareness to any sensations you experience and feel free to call me with questions if they arise. Like with every form of healing, the benefits are cumulative and should be maintained with regular sessions.


 What is Crisis Intervention?

Crisis intervention is usually needed immediately after a traumatic event. This does not replace therapy or counseling. This is immediate trauma support which can get you through the first few hours after a crisis. From there you can seek whatever form of help you feel would be most beneficial.


 Is Crisis Intervention Therapy?

No. I am not a licensed therapist and will not perform any form of therapy with you. I am able to offer counseling should that need arise.

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Energy Work is not Allopathic Western Medicine. Nothing on this site or during an appointment should be viewed as medical or psychological advice

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