What is this “Guided Action” Thing?

Many people believe that in order to manifest things into your life, you need to take MASSIVE ACTION. That can’t be farther from the truth. And actually, it could slow you down.

Allow me to explain with the following example.

I started an experiment this week by creating an ad campaign to market my books. I was very ambitious and thought that since I can reach almost 500,000,000 people by making my campaign world-wide, that is what I would do. My books are amazing, everyone who has read them loves them, so of course everyone in the world was going to want one…..Right? I pictured all of America clicking my ad and buying the books they just saw, then Europe, Then Australia, then THE WORLD!!!! What could go wrong? It was a perfect plan.

A little logistical information:

1. I chose worldwide as my audience

2. I said get the word out to whomever you can, however you can, because everyone will love me

3. I set a budget that could easily handle the exposure

4. I did not put any parameters around it at all

It ran for 2 days and I was glued to the screen. I was monitoring my statistics, watching the number of times people clicked on the links, watching sales data. It was so fun. I found a new addiction and it was all about me. Yes, it sounds self-centered, but how often do you check your Facebook account to see how many people “Liked” your post? Mine just happened to be about money and growing my business, rather than “Likes”. How much better could it get, right? Well, it turns out that it was not as great as I had imagined.

After 2 days I started digging into the statistics. You need to give them time to grow a bit so they become relevant.

What I saw was not what I had expected. I was indeed marketing worldwide, but my information was not going out uniformly. It was going to countries where they don’t speak English. They were targets I don’t necessarily want to work with in my business. They were not really relevant to my real goal. I had spent a lot of money on something that would not really help me. But that was fine, GREAT actually, because I had received a lot of very useful information.

This is a fabulous way to illustrate what most people do with their lives, relationships, business, etc. They have a great idea. They decide everyone on earth wants it. They start spreading the word in a way that is not at all effective. Then, they are disappointed that they did not get what they wanted.

The key lessons I want to share from this experience are these:

1. Not EVERYONE is your target, whether in business, relationships, or other areas

2. Not everyone will be interested, and that is fine

3. If you judge yourself based on data you will never get anywhere positive. You will just end up feeling like crap. You have to look at the data objectively and take it for what it is, just data

4. You need to decide who you actually want to target and stick to attracting that group. Think of dating, do you really want EVERYONE on the planet? Narrowing the group of people with whom you want to interact will actually help you more than choosing “Everyone.”

5. In fact, the smaller your group the better off you will be

Just taking action is not the goal. You have to actually look at what you want, and follow your guidance toward achieving it, otherwise known as GUIDED ACTION. Make sure it is something you really want to do. Make sure it is something that feels good when you think of it. Make sure you are not just “doing” in order to do something because you think you need to do SOMETHING. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start, but don’t be afraid to check in on your progress fairly quickly into the process.

If your goal is to see a sunset but you are running east, it doesn't matter if you are an amazing runner, you will never reach your goal. Many people think “If I just take action, everything will work out.” If you take GUIDED ACTION, (meaning you are excited about what you are doing,) and check in on progress regularly without being afraid of changing course when needed, you have an amazing chance of achieving your goals. You may also realize that the goal you thought you wanted is not really what you want. And that is fine too.

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