Why You Should Stop Thinking About Money

The most common question asked in energy work is: “If my money is already there, why can’t I see it in my bank account?”

I have been studying the use of energy to actualize the life I want for a long time. I have read, and listened, to anyone and everyone who can in any way be seen as a teacher on this topic. Like most people I started with the search for money, because at the time that seemed to be the most elusive thing in my life.

What I found was a very basic rule. Once I understood this rule everything became clear, and more importantly EASY. All the teachers say “What you want is already there. The fact that you can’t see it does not mean it is not already part of your world. Stop thinking (or obsessing) about what you want, because the more you think about it the longer it takes for it to arrive.” I’m sure you have heard some variation of this from someone.

The problem I have found is that although it is wonderful advice, it is hard for the human brain to wrap itself around “You already have it even though you can’t see / hear / feel it.”

One day as I was driving home from a job I was working, I finally saw it clearly. I saw what they meant. Even better, I had a way to get my brain wrapped around it so that I never had to obsess again. It is actually so easy, and once you see it you will wonder why you never saw it that way before. What did I finally understand? The easiest way to explain this is with money, but you can apply this to any area with just a little imagination.

I had made quite a bit of money on that job, and was excited to have it available. As I was driving home I started thinking of all the ways I was going to play with that money. What I was going to buy, how much I was going to spend, who I needed to pay, etc. I was so excited, but then started becoming anxious. I really wanted to play right then and there. I didn’t want to wait the week or 2 until the money was actually in my account. That is when the light bulb went off. It was like someone had turned on a spotlight that shone directly on the knowledge.

I already had the money!! It was mine. There was no doubt that it was coming. There was no way it would not arrive. I had earned it, and it would soon be in my hands. If you follow Abraham Hicks, “It was already in my vortex.” I just needed to get it in my hands. So how could I get it into my hands? There are several ways, but only one that includes grace and ease.

1. I could turn on the computer, log into my bank account, and stare at the monitor refreshing the screen every couple of seconds until the numbers changed. This would make a few days seem like an eternity. God help me if it took close to a week or two.

2. I could call the client and harass them constantly asking why the money was not already in my account. As you can imagine, this may actually make the transaction take longer depending on how annoying I was. I could annoy them into delaying just to spite me.

3. I could just relax, go on with my life, and know that it may take a bit of time for their accounting department to log the transaction, then the bank’s computers needed to do their thing, then the bank’s database needed to refresh. Then the money would be mine, and I could hold it.

Just like a paycheck that is already guaranteed, everything you want is already en-route. The question is: How miserable are you going to make yourself in the time it takes for the computers to do their job? And if you are the annoying person constantly calling asking where your money is, you may actually be delaying the process. Every time you call asking (or obsess about it.) you are taking the accountant’s focus off of making the transaction. You are delaying the process.

All 3 options work, and all 3 options are at your disposal. Ask yourself: Which one will make your life easier? That is your choice. Just remember, no matter which one you choose, what you want is already yours. So relax and enjoy the time between this second, and the one where you can hold it in your hand.

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